​Anne Martinez provides a range of tax preparation, payroll and bookkeeping for small business from her office in Nambe. She also travels around the area to help business owners in Espanola, Los Alamos, Santa Fe and surrounding areas. She has worked in the accounting field for over 20 years and has owned her own business since 2002. Family-owned and operated, her company has helped a broad range of businesses gain a better understanding of their taxes and finances, including restaurants, retail stores, construction and contractors, golf courses, medical, individuals and more. 

Services for these businesses include monthly bookkeeping services, payroll services, tax preparation services, invoicing and bill payment. Anne has a reputation for being a confidential and secure bookkeeper who can balance any set of books no matter what the challenge and also help you figure out those tough tax problems with time to spare around tax time. It's one of the best reasons to consider bookkeeping services for your small business in Santa Fe. 

Call Anne today for a quote on bookkeeping, payroll or tax preparation services in Santa Fe and see how much she can save your company in just one month. The best part about hiring a professional is the money that you save. With an affordable price, Anne understands exactly how to help businesses organize their finances and stay on track for the fiscal year. 

Bookkeeping Payroll Services

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Tax Preparation

  • Competence - You can rest assured that your returns are completed accurately and professionally

  • Efficiency - No more struggling with receipts at your end 

  • Knowledge - Changes to tax laws and reporting statutes are constantly monitored

  • Planning - Year-end tax planning helps ensure that you take full advantage of the benefits allowed

  • Collaboration - You gain a partner who is as concerned about your business as you are

Payroll Services

  • Confidentiality - Employee compensation is kept strictly confidential

  • Government Compliance - Payroll taxes are paid on time and with accuracy

  • Organized Records - No more searching for totals at year end

  • Form Preparation - Employer's quarterly and annual tax returns, including W-2s

Monthly Bookkeeping

  • Confidentiality - Employees aren't able to access company finances

  • Security- Checks and balances to minimize loss

  • Accuracy - Your books will always be in balance

  • Timely - On-time results help you make better business decisions

  • Government Compliance - Payroll Taxes and Gross Receipts Taxes are paid on time and with accuracy

  • Year-end Reporting - Including 1099s and other challenging forms

Invoicing and Bill Payment

  • Efficiency- Allows you to spend more time on sales and operations

  • Budgeting - Helps you control your cash flow

  • Security - Every cent is accounted for